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95% to 100%
90% to 95%
85% to 90%
80% to 85%
75% to 80%
70% to 75%
65% to 70%
60% to 65%
55% to 60%
50% to 55%
45% to 50%
40% to 45%
35% to 40%
30% to 35%
25% to 30%

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Map provided by the Canadian Meteorological Center and is Crown copyright, product of Environment Canada.
Allan Rahill, of CMC, developed the forecast.

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11h UT
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12h UT
Cloud Cover
Use these maps to check if you are observing at a place where the forecast changes slowly with distance -- that's where clear sky chart accuracy is best.

The observation of fine detail seen in telescopes on planets or the moon requires good seeing. Visiblity of galaxies nebulae in telescopes, or the milky way with the un-aided eye, requires good transparency. All astronomical observations require a low percentage of cloud cover or clear skies.

Humidity, Wind, and Temperature won't determine if you can observe, but they might affect how comfortable you are.

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