USNO Data for 2024 Total Solar Eclipse
Indianapolis Clear Sky Chart

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EventLocal Time (UT-4.0)Safety action
Start of partial Eclipse2024-04-08 13:50:30eclipse glasses ON
Start of Totality2024-04-08 15:05:59take eclipse glasses off
Maximum Eclipse2024-04-08 15:07:53 Max coverage 100.0%enjoy 3m51s of solar corona
End of Totality2024-04-08 15:09:50eclipse glasses ON
End of Partial Eclipse2024-04-08 16:23:08stop looking at the sun, resume mundane life

See more detail at USNO's webpage for this chart.

The latitude/logitude and timezone of the Indianapolis chart must be correct for the times here or on USNO's page to be accurate. Check the road map and that Indianapolis is in the UT-4.0 timezone on eclipse day.

Weather History for the Indianapolis clear sky chart around the time of the total eclipse

Extracted from the Indianapolis clear sky chart climate/history page. With the help of sponsors.

Cloud Cover

Overcast 90% covered 80% covered 70% covered 60% covered 50% covered 40% covered 30% covered 20% covered 10% covered Clear
Occurrence of each Forecastdata points


Too cloudy to forecast Poor Below Average Average Above average Transparent
Occurrence of each Forecastdata points

DISCLAIMER: This weather data is based from past forecast records, not from sky observations. So it's possible that it is not an accurate indication of weather for the eclipse. If you miss seeing the eclipse because you took a climate/history page for a clear sky chart, or the weather data on this page, too literally, your only recourse is to complain to me in email.

EXCLAIMER: Watch the 2024 Solar Eclipse at your own risk. does not provide complete eclipse saftey information. Nasa's eye safety page is a start. You may suffer partial or complete blindness if you watch the eclipse improperly. It may be hours until symptoms appear.

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