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AKA AstroTelePort. A private observatory.
AGS Observatory
A private observatory near Datil.
Home of the Alamogordo Astronomy Club.
Home of the Albuquerque Astronomical Society.
Altair Observatory
A private observatory.
Amigo Too
A private observing site.
Anadromada Observatory
A private observatory near Deming.
Apache Point
Home of Apache Point Observatory, Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the Sunspot Solar Observatory. In Sunspot.
Aqua Fria Peak
Forecast covers the genreal area of mountain Agua Fria Peak and the town of Angle Fire.
Astronomers Paradise
A remote pier-leasing observatory. Near Cotton City.
Astronomy Adventures Observing Site
Commerical observing site of Astronomy Adventures. Near Cerrillos.
Bluewater Lake State Park
State park near Prewitt.
Bosque Farms Observatory
A private observatory.
C.J. Observatory & Retreat
A private observatory at New Mexico Astronomy Village.
Caballo Lake State Park
State park and site of Stars-n-Parks star parties.
Camino de Estrella Observatory
A private observatory near Tijeras
Camp Tres Ritos
A Boy Scout Camp near Tres Ritos.
Capilla Peak Observatory
Observatory of the University of New Mexico.
Capulin Volcano National Monument
National monument Near Capulin. The gate across the road leading to the visitor's center closes at 4:30pm. However, observers are permitted to setup scopes just outside the park's fenced area. See map link for exact location.
Carlsbad Caverns Visitor Center
In Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Site of monthly and nightly astronomy programs.
Casa De Kayla Observatory
A private observatory.
Casa Victoria Observatory
A private observatory about 7 miles from Santa Fe.
Casitas de Gila Observatory
Observatory at Casitas de Gila Commercial B&B / guesthouse. Near Gila
Celescina Ramah New Mexico Observatory
A private observatory.
Chaco Culture National Historical Park
Charles Nicholas Memorial Observatory
A private observatory somewhere around Mayhill.
City of Rocks State Park
State park and site of Stars-n-Parks star parties.
Clayton Lake State Park
State park near Clayton.
Home of the Clovis Astronomy Club.
Coronado State Monument
In Coronado State Monument.
Cosmic Campground
Campground and site of public star parties. In the western part of the Gila National Forest.
Cosmos Observatory
A private observatory near Ilfeld.
A town in San Miguel county. Forecast also covers the central part of Santa Fe National Forest
DSO - Upham
An observing site of the Astronomical Society of Las Cruces, located about 30 miles north of Las Cruces 5 miles east of exit 32, on I-25.
Dark Ridge Observatory
A research observatory in the Lincoln National Forest.
Dark Skies Unlimited Observatory
A private observatory.
Dark Sky New Mexico
An astronomy real estate development in Hidalgo county, near Animas.
Darlington Observatory
A private observatory.
Datil Well Recreation Area Campground
Campground on BLM land.
Deep Sky West Remote Observatory
A private observatory.
Deneb Observatory
A private observatory 8 miles south of Deming at 9175 Lucca Road SW.
Dixon Ball Field
A baseball field, used for star parties by the El Valle Astronomers. In Dixon.
Dome Valley Observatory
Near Placitas.
Dutchman's Hill Observatory
A private observatory.
Edgewood Skies Observatory
A private observatory of affiliated with The Albuquerque Astronomical Society
El Camino Real Historic Trail Site
A Heritage center used by the people at the The Enchanted Skies Star Party as a star party site.
El Morro National Monument Visitor Center
Visitor center of El Morro National Monument which is applying for International Dark-Sky Park status.
El Rito Observatory
On the El Rito campus of Northern New Mexico Community College. Also used by the El Valle Astronomers.
Elizabeth Ann Machol Dragonfly Observatory
A private observatory.
Enchanted Forest Ski Area
A cross-country ski area. Near Red River.
Etscorn Campus Observatory
Observatory of New Mexico Tech University. Near Socorro.
FOAH Observatory
A private observatory.
Fenton Hill Observtory
AKA TA-57. Observatory of the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Fort Sumner
Home of the Ft. Sumner NBSF station and launching point for Balloon-borne Large-Aperture Sub-millimeter Telescope (BLAST).
A town in McKinley county.
General Nathan Twining Observatory
GNTO is an observatory of The Albuquerque Astronomical Society (TAAS). About 10 miles south of Belen.
Ghost Ranch
An education and retreat center of The Presbyterian Church.
Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument
National monument near Silver City.
Gila Sky 22
Site of future private observatory.
Hat Ranch Observatory
A private observatory.
Horizon Vista Observatory
A private observatory near Belen
Juniper Campground
Centered on the parkling area of Juniper campground at Bandelier National Monument. Home of the Bandelier NM Night Sky Program.
Killer Rocks Observatory
A private observatory
Site of the Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research program. A group of observatories of MIT at White Sands Missle Range.
La Cienega Alta Observatory
A private observatory near Silver City.
Lamy Ridge Observatory
A private observatory near Lamy..
Las Cruces
Home of the Astronomical Society of Las Cruces, Jornada Observatory and Desert Moon Observatory.
Las Dos Scopes
Site of private observatories.
Leasburg Dam State Park
State park, site of Stars-n-Parks star parties, and the observatory of the Astronomical Society of Las Cruces.
Living Desert State Park
AKA Living Desert Zoo & Gardens State Park In Carlsbad.
Magdalena Ridge Observatory
A research observatory, aka MRO, of New Mexico Tech university. Also site of the Langmuir Laboratory for Atmospheric Research. Near the summit of South Baldy Peak
Majestic Skies Ranch
A ranch between Claunch and Ancho.
Mesa Vista Observatory
A private observatory.
Modest Pinon Observatory
A private observatory in the Albuquerque East Mountains.
NF/ Observatory
NFO is near Silver City.
New Mexico Astronomy Village
An astronomy village in Grant county.
New Mexico Skies
An astronomy guest observatory between Cloudcroft and Mayhill. Also home of Star Shadows Remote Observatory. Forecast also covers New Mexico Skies Astronomy Enclave
Oak Flat Picnic Area
Picnic area in Oak Flat which is in the Sandia Ranger District of the Cibola National Forest. Used as an observing site by members of the Albuquerque Astronomical Society among others.
Terry's private observatory. In Truth or Consequences.
Oliver Lee Memorial State Park
State park and site of Stars-n-Parks star parties.
Pancho Villa State Park
State park.
Pelona Mountain
In Catron county.
Rainbow Park Observatory
Observatory and Planetarium which is a joint venture of the city of Rio Rancho and the Rio Rancho Astronomical Society (RRAS). Located in Rainbow Park.
Rancho Hidalgo
Developing astronomy community near Animas, NM.  Possible future home of Mirador Astronomy Village.
Rattle Snake Springs
A public site near Rattle Snakes Springs Ranger Station, part of Carlsbad Caverns National Park.
Raven Sky Observatory
A private observatory.
Home of the Calvin-Rehoboth Observatory.
Ring Place
A backcountry camp staffed in the summer season by Philmont Scout Ranch for use by Scouts, BSA.
Home of the Roswell Astronomy Club.
Rusty's RV Ranch
A guest ranch frequented by some amateur astronomers.
The Solar Tower Atmospheric Cherenkov Effect Experiment (STACEE) is a an air-shower gamma ray observatory. Located at the National Solar Thermal Test Facility (NSTTF) of Sandia National Laboratories
San Ignacio Observatory
A private observatory.
San Pedro Creek
A private observing site somewhere along San Pedro Creek.
San Ysidro
In Sandoval county.
Santa Fe
Home of the Capital City Astronomy Club.
Silver City
Home of Western New Mexico University which is associated with NF/ Observatory.
Sky Ranch Observatory
A private observatory in Cerrillos, NM.
SkyPi RO and Howling Coyote RO
A pier-leasing remote observatory somewhere around Pie Town.
Star Hill Inn
A astronomy retreat and guest observatory near Sapello.
Stargate Observatory
A private observatory near Paxton springs.
Sugarite Canyon State Park
Centered on Soda Pocket Campground in Sugarite Canyon State Park.
Sunflower Observatory
Tanager Observatory
A private observatory near Albuquerque.
A meeting place of the El Valle Astronomers.
Home of the Lea County Observers.
Telescopes in Education
Private Site provides donated hosting services for Telescopes in Education.
The Lazy J
Aka Stargeezer Home. A private observing site near Carrizozo.
The Section 8 Observatory
A private observatory.
Three Rivers
Top Of The World Observatory
A private observatory near Pie Town.
Tzec Maun Observatory
A private site of the Tzec Maun Foundation which makes their telescopes freely available to students and researchers, though the internet. Near Cloudcroft.
The Very Large Array is a radio telescope not normally subject to the vagaries of weather. But used as a star party site by the The Enchanted Skies Star Party organization.
Valle Grande Entrance Station
Visitor Center of the Valles Caldera National Preserve.
Vallecito Observatory
A private observatory.
Valley Vista Observatory
Future observatory on a rental property.
Vista Larga Observation Area
A private observing site, but available to members of The Albuquerque Astronomical Society.
W & B Observatory
Near Cloudcroft.
White Ridge parking lot
Parking lot at the trail head of the White Mesa Bike Trails>. Used as an observing site by the Rio Rancho Astronomical Society. Near San Ysidro.
White Rock
Site near Los Alamos used by the Pajarito Astronomers
White Sands National Park
National park west of Alamogordo. Site of the White Sands Star Party.
Wolf Creek Estates Observatory
A private observatory near Alto.
Home of Zuni High School. Forecast also covers Zuni Pueblo and Black Rock.

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