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Little Rock Creek Observatory
MontanaA private observatory.
Radomski Observatory
PennsylvaniaA private observatory near Jeannette.
Rimrock Observatory
IdahoA private observatory.
Heaven's Gate Observatory
OregonA private observatory.
Highwinds Observatory
New YorkA private observatory in Geneseo.
Tonopah Stargazing Park
NevadaSite of Star parties. In Tonopah.
Shiloh Station Road
SkyTitan Observatory 1
OklahomaSkyTitan's main observatory.
Brogdon Observatory
FloridaA private observatory.
G49 Observatory
MinnesotaA private observatory. Listed in the MPC as G49 Minnetonka
Rachel A. Hutzel Observatory
OhioObservatory at Camp Joy. In partnership with the Warren County Astronomical Society.

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