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Newest Clear Sky Charts

W-Test Chart
British ColumbiaNot an observing site. A chart offest 20km west of Whistler to see if this offset chart produces better forecasts than the chart for Whistler.
Baxter Conservation Area
OntarioConservation area with picnic area and beach. Adjacent to Rideau Valley Air Park.
McMurtrey Site
TexasA private observing site.
North Cape
Prince Edward IslandCentered on the parking lot of the North Cape hiking trail.
West Point(PE)
Prince Edward IslandSite of the Cedar Dune Provincial Park.
Prince Edward Island
Waffelow Creek Observatory
TexasA private observatory.
Gronlund Observing Site
WisconsinA private observing site.
TexasA town west of Houston.
Shamrock Observatory
TexasA private observatory.
Observatorio las Acacias
Baja CaliforniaUn sitio privado.
ArizonaA town in Mohave County. A remote site for the International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA) is nearby.
Paducah Skies/Star Ranch Observatories
TexasTwo private observatories Southwest of Paducah.
Fall River Pkwy Observatory
FloridaA private observatory.
VirginiaA town in Culpeper County.
Brogdon Observatory
FloridaA private observatory.
IdahoA town in Bonneville County.
MarylandA town in Frederick County.
Powm Beach
SaskatchewanCentered on Powm Beach Playground and Beach. On the west shore of Turtle Lake.

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