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Culver's Urban Observatory
GeorgiaA private observatory of a member of the Charlie Elliott Astronomy Club. In Milton.
Wilson Hall, MU
New JerseyAt Monmouth University in West Long Branch.
Mingus Mountain Summit
ArizonaAlso the location of the Woodchute Trailhead. Used by the Sirius Lookers, an astronomy Club in Sedona.
Redwood Mountain View
CaliforniaA vacation rental.
Independence Creek Campground
CaliforniaCampground in a Inyo County.
Victor Mine
Blazing Star Observatory
WashingtonAKA BSO. Site of future private observatory.
Morning Star Observatory
North CarolinaA private observatory.
Fire Panther Observatory
GeorgiaSite of future robotic observatory.
Zoliro Observatory
OklahomaA private observatory.
Astroknip's Observatory
QuebecA private observatory in Aylmer.
Echo Bluff State Park
MissouriState park north of Eminence. Affiliated with the Dent County Astronomers.
Ivanhoe Observatory
OntarioA private observatory near Ivanhoe.
My-Spot West Observatory
WyomingA private observatory.

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