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W-Test Chart
British ColumbiaNot an observing site. A chart offest 20km west of Whistler to see if this offset chart produces better forecasts than the chart for Whistler.
SkyTitan Observatory I
OklahomaSkyTitan's main observatory.
Hords Creek Lake
TexasA public Army Corps Park containing Friendship Park, Lakeside Park and Flatrock Park.
McMurtrey Site
WashingtonA private observing site.
Starry Night Astronomy & Observatory
VermontA private observatory.
Four Corners Madawaska Observatory
Sugarite Canyon State Park
New MexicoCentered on Soda Pocket Campground in Sugarite Canyon State Park.
Foxboro Park
CaliforniaCity park, site of the Hercules Stargaze, a public star party hosted by the Hercules Stargazers.
Eureka Observatory
PennsylvaniaA private observatory.
Damer Observing Site
IndianaA private observing site.
Pompeys Pillar National Monument
MontanaA National Monument on Yellowstone River.
Gower Observatory
New BrunswickA private observatory in Cumberland Bay.
Clarke Priscu Observatory.
OntarioA private observatory.
Salem-Avilla Observatory
ArkansasA privately owned observatory in Saline County, Arkansas.
Antelope Creek Heliophysics Observatory
ColoradoA private observatory in Colorado Springs.
South DakotaUsed by the SouthEast South Dakota Astronomy Club.
Casa De Kayla Observatory
New MexicoA private observatory.
South DakotaUsed by the SouthEast South Dakota Astronomy Club.
South DakotaUsed by the SouthEast South Dakota Astronomy Club.

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