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Charts within 100Km of N41deg 11' W120deg 56' (41.19 -120.95) (see location on a map)

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1W Golden State Star Party
California   The GSSP is a star party held by the The Astronomy Connection(TAC). Near Adin.
24E Likely Place Golf & RV Resort
California   golf course and RV resort. Home of the Stellarvue Dark Sky Star Party.
36SW Baum Lake
37S Eagle Lake
California   Site of public astronomy session by Bateson Observatory personnel.
46NE Cedarville
California   A site of the RECON project
47NW Lava Beds National Monument
California   National monument
51SE WYA Eastern Lassen Site
California   A informal site used by the West Yolo Astronomers in the Lassen National Forest near the town of Red Rock.
54SW Lassen National Park
California   Two sites used by TAC: Devastated Area and Bumpass Hell. No, really. I'm not making this up.
58S Bateson Observatory
California   A private observatory near Susanville.
59NW Tulelake
California   A site of the RECON project
66S Lake Almanor
70SW Wilson Hill Observatory
California   A private observatory near Shingletown.
71W Mount Shasta
California   A town in Siskiyou county. Home of the Mount Shasta StarGazers
73S Greenville
California   A site of the RECON project
78W Lake Shastina
California   About 17 miles north of Mt. Shasta.
83SW Shasta Dam
84NW Klamath Falls
86S Quincy
California   A site of the RECON project
87SW Schreder Planetarium
California   A planetarium with public observing sessions. In Redding.
87W LJR Observatory
California   A private observatory.
89SW Cottonwood
California   A town in Shasta county.
90SW Paynes Creek Wetlands
California   Trail system and picnic area.
93NW Black Mountain Observatory
California   A site of a future private observatory near Hornbrook.
93SW Whiskeytown National Recreation Area
California   A national recreation area west of Redding. This chart is centered on the parking lot of the Shasta Mine Loop Trailhead. It is site of astronomy programs led by the park rangers and is used as an observing site by the Shasta Astronomy Club.
94E Black Rock Desert
Nevada   A site used by the Astronomical Society of Nevada.
94SW Brandy Creek Boat Ramp
California   Used by some members of the Shasta Astronomy Club. On Whiskytown Lake. Forecast covers the Whiskytown National Recreation Area.
98N Spodue Lookout
Oregon   A fire tower lookout in Fremont-Winema National Forest.
99S Portola
California   A site of the RECON project

DistanceUseable forecast?
< 14Maximum accuracy.
< 29Ok, perhaps clearing time will be off a bit.
> 29Hmm. Better ask for closer chart site.
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