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North Carolina   Centered on Halyburton Park in Wilimington. Used by some members of the Cape Fear Astronomical Society.
Wilson Coulee Observatory
Alberta   Observatory of the RASC Calgary Centre.
Ontario   Home of the RASC Windsor Centre.
Manitoba   Home of the RASC Winnipeg Centre.
Winter Star Party
Florida   A Star party of the Southern Cross Astronomical Society. Held at Camp Wesumkee on Scout Key in the Florida Keys.
Withlacoochee River Park
Florida   Park used as the primary dark site by the St. Petersburg Astronomy Club, home of their annual star party, The Orange Blossom Special, and site of public observing.
Wolf Creek Observing Site
Utah   An observing site south of Soapstone Basin in the Uinta National Forest used by members of the Salt Lake Astronomical Society, the Ogden Astronomical Society, and the Utah Valley Astronomy Association.
Wolf Creek State Park
Illinois   State park and site of public star parties held by the Sandusky Valley Amateur Astronomy Club (SVAAC).
Worth Mountain WMA
South Carolina   Aka WMWMA. Wildlife management area used as a dark sky site frequented by members of the Carolina SkyGazers.
YCAS Observatory
Pennsylvania   observatory and home of the York County Astronomical Society. At John C. Rudy County Park.
YCAS Stewartstown Observing Site
Pennsylvania   An observing site of the York County Astronomical Society. In Hopewell Township, near Stewartstown.
New Hampshire   The New Hampshire Astronomical Society Young's Farm Observing Site
Washington   Home of the Yakima Astronomical Society.
Yanna Research Station
Wisconsin   Observatory site of the Madison Astronomical Society. Near Attica.
York River State Park
Virginia   A State park used as a dark sky site by the Virginia Peninsula Astronomy/Stargazers.
Young's Pond
Connecticut   A site used by the Astronomical Society of New Haven. Near Branford.

Showing 1001-1016 of 1016. Show: 1-200 201-400 401-600 601-800 801-1000 1001-1016

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