USNO Data for 2017 Solar Eclipse for
Okie-Tex Star Party Clear Sky Chart

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EventLocal Time (UT-5.0)Safety action
Start of partial Eclipse2017-08-21 11:26:49eclipse glasses ON
Maximum Eclipse2017-08-21 12:52:32 Max coverage 83.6%watch 2h55m of partially covered sun
End of Partial Eclipse2017-08-21 14:21:27eclipse glasses off, resume mundane life

See more detail at USNO's webpage for this chart. (May be very slow.)

Local times are accurate only if the timezone for the Okie-Tex Star Party clear sky chart is really UT-5.)Also, times, even on USNO's page, are accurate only if the latitude/longitude of the chart for Okie-Tex Star Party is accurate. Check the road map.

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