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Aubright Observatory
FloridaA private observatory.
Pickersville Observatory
North CarolinaA private observatory near Mingo.
D'Auria Observatory
FloridaObservatory of the Southern Cross Astronomical Society.
Karval Reservoir SWA
ColoradoA State Wildlife Area used by some members of the Denver Astronomical Society.
Hatcher Pass Lodge
AlaskaA lodge in the Talkeetna Mountains.
Coeur d'Alene
RCH Observatory
TexasA private observatory of a member of the North Houston Astronomy Club (NHAC).
Mount Nemo Observatory
OntarioA private observatory.
Popeye's Goon Island Observatory
MinnesotaA private observatory
Pompano Beach
Observatoire astronomique du bois de Belle-Rivière
QuebecSite d'observation du Club d'astronomie Bois de Belle-Rivière-Mirabel
Beaglehaven Observatory
VirginiaA private observatory of a member of NOVAC. Somehwere around Ashburn.
BlueBirdsKnoll Observatory
ConnecticutA private observatory of a member of the Astronomical Society of New Haven.
ScottNC Observatory
North CarolinaA private observatory.

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