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0 Point Pelee National Park
Ontario   National Park and dark sky preserve.
15NW Leamington
27SW Pelee Island
Ontario   Actually, the southernmost point in Canada at the Fish Point Provincial Nature Peserve. The best spot for observing Omega Centauri from Canada.
28W Camp Cedarwin Scout Camp
Ontario   A scout camp in Essex county.
31N Hallam Observatory
Ontario   An observatory of the RASC Windsor Centre. Near Comber.
49N Prairie Siding
56S Sandusky
58S Vermilion
Ohio   A town in Erie county.
58W Lake Erie Metropark
Michigan   A Detroit Metro Park on the Lake Erie shore line south of Detroit. Check with the park before planning observing.
59NE Chatham
60SE Lorain
62NW Detroit
Michigan   Home of the Dassault Systèmes Planetarium at the Detroit Science Center.
62NW Windsor
Ontario   Home of the RASC Windsor Centre.
66NW Hector J. Robinson Observatory
Michigan   AKA the Lincoln Park Observatory. Observatory of the Lincoln Park School System. Near Lincoln Park High School.
69SE Walter E. Schuele Planetarium
Ohio   Planetarium of the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center with public observing programs. In Bay Village.
70NE Rondeau Provincial Park
Ontario   A provincial park on Lake Erie, near Chatham.
70NW St. Clair Shores
71SW Trout Observatory
Ohio   A private observatory in Oak Harbor.
73NW UM-Dearborn Observatory
Michigan   Observatory of the Dearborn Campus of the University of Michigan.
73W Monroe
75N Lake St. Clair Metropark Observatory
Michigan   Future site of an observatory of Wayne State University located at Lake St. Clair Metropark.
75S Oberlin
Ohio   Home of the Oberlin College Observatory and Oberlin Astronomy Club.
77NE Green Ridge Observatory
Ontario   A private observatory near Ridgetown.
77SE John D. Nielsen Observatory
Ohio   Observatory located on the Carlisle Reservation. Used for public observing by the The Black River Astronomical Society.
80SE Cosmic Orchard Observatory
Ohio   A private observatory near Columbia Station
82SW Refractor Heaven
Ohio   A private observatory near Genoa.
83SE Burrell Memorial Observatory
Ohio   Observatory of Baldwin Wallace University.
83SE Cleveland
84NW Livonia
84SE LaGrange
Ohio   Home of the The Black River Astronomical Society.
87NW Visual Reconstructions Observatory
Michigan   A private observatory in Sterling Heights.
89S HVAG SkyTour
Ohio   Private land and site of puiblic viewings held by the Huron Valley Astronomers Group
92N New Haven
Michigan   In Macomb county.
92SW White Star Park
Ohio   County park and home of the Sandusky Valley Amateur Astronomy Club (SVAAC). annual star party. In Gibsonburg.
92SW Wolf Creek Park
Ohio   County park.
93E Eastlake
93NW Troy Space Gazebo
Michigan   A private observatory used by some members of the Oakland Astronomy Club. In Troy.
94NE Oakdale
94NW Cranbrook Institute of Science
Michigan   Museum of natural history with public observing. In Bloomfield Hills.
95S New London
96NW Rochester Hills
96W Ritter Observatory
Ohio   Observatory (RARC) of the University of Toledo. Also known as Brooks Observatory. In Toledo.
97NW Plymouth Digital Observatory
Michigan   A private observatory in Plymouth.
97SW Luckey
Ohio   A town in Wood county.
97W Applewood Absurditory
Michigan   A private observatory, at least in spirit, near Ypsilanti.
97W Ypsilanti
98N Stargate Observatory
Michigan   Observatory of The Warren Astronomical Society. Located at Wolcott Mill Metropark.
98NE Rodney
98NW Washington(MI)
Michigan   A town in Macomb county.
99SE CAA Observatory
Ohio   Observatory of the Cuyahoga Astronomical Association located at Letha House Park near Spencer.

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