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0 Observatoire de Walter Laperle
9NW Lancaster
Ontario   An observing site of the SD&G Backyard Astronomers Club.
23W Cornwall
Ontario   A site used by the SD&G Backyard Astronomers Club.
< 24 Observatoire Huntingdon
28N Watch Observatory 2
Ontario   A private observatory.
29NE Les Coteaux
Quebec   Forecast also covers Coteau-du-Lac and Saint-Zotique.
31NW Mill Pond Observatory
Ontario   A private observatory. Also used by some members of the SD&G Back Yard Astronomers from Cornwall.
36N Observatoire Le Valhalla
Quebec   Un observatoire à Sainte Justine de Newton.
38SW Massena
New York   A town in St. Lawrence county.
39S Lake Titus Observatory
New York   Near Malone.
40NE Parc des Îles de St-Timothée
Quebec   Site du CAFTA (Concours Annuel de Fabricants de Télescopes d'Amateurs). Près de Valleyfield.
41N Brodie Road Observatory
41NW Baltic Corners
Ontario   Main observing site of the SD&G Backyard Astronomers Club. South of the Village of Dunvegan, east from Maxville and west of Alexandria.
42E Covey-Hill
42NE Watch Observatory
Quebec   A private observatory in St-Lazare.
43W Avonmore
47NE Optiques Fullum
Quebec   Un fabricant des télescopes en Vaudreuil.
49NE Hudson
Quebec   Home of the Hudson Lunatic Astronomy Club.
54NW Casselman
Ontario   A site used by the OAOG.
55N St-Placide
55NE Parc national d'Oka
Quebec   link.
57NE Bellevue Observatory
Quebec   Obsevatory of the RASC Montreal Centre. Located at Morgan Arboretum, Ste. Anne-de-Bellevue.
59SW Clarkson Observatory
New York   AKA the Reynolds Astronomical Observatory. Observatory of Clarkson University in Potsdam. Also home of the Clarkson Stargazers.
61W Morrisburg
Ontario   An observing site of the SD&G Backyard Astronomers Club.
61W Five Ferns Observation Site
Ontario   AKA the Fougere Homestead. A site used by the OAOG. Near Williamsburg.
62E Altona Observatory
New York   A private observatory near Altona.
67E SAPM à Hemmingford
Quebec   Site d'observation de la Société d'Astronomie de Planétarium de Montréal
67NE Observatoire astronomique de Châteauguay
Quebec   Observatoire privé de Doris Thibeault.
68NE Observatoire astronomique du bois de Belle-Rivière
Quebec   Site d'observation du Club d'astronomie Bois de Belle-Rivière-Mirabel
69N Pointe-au-Chêne
Quebec   Maison de quelques membres du Regroupement des Astronomes Amateurs de l'Outaouais (RAAO).
69NE Dorval
Quebec   Maison du Club d'Astronomie de Dorval et Club d'Astronomie "e-Toiles".
69NW Gatineau Gliding Club
Quebec   Private site of a flying club accessable to members, some of which are observers.
70N Le Golf Sélect de Mirabel
Quebec   Club de golf associés avec le Club d'astronomie Mira
70NE Laval-West
70W Embrun
71N Sainte-Scholastique
Quebec   Site d'observation de la Le club d'astronomie MIRA.
72W Winchester
74NW Treadwell Observatory
75NW Hammond
Ontario   A site used by the OAOG.
76NE Fabreville
76NW South Nation Space Station
Ontario   A private observatory near Jessups falls.
80NE Ste-Thérèse
80W South Mountain
Ontario   A site used by the OAOG.
83NE Montreal
Quebec   Home of the I. K. Williamson Observatory of the RASC Montreal Centre and La société d'astronomie de Montréal.
83NE Montréal
Quebec   Emplacement du SRAC Centre de Montréal et la Société d'Astronomie de Montréal.
83W Boundary Road
Ontario   AKA Stetsons Flyers. A site, south-east of Ottawa, used by the OAOG.
84SW Hewlett Observatory
New York   A private observatory near Canton.
85NW Thurso
85S Saranac Lake Observatory
New York   A private observatory near Saranac Lake.
86NE Saint-Jérôme
86NE Observatoire Astronomique de Laval
Quebec   Observatorie de le Club des Astronomes Amateurs de Laval
88SE Plattsburgh
New York   A town in Clinton county.
89N Lake MacDonald
Quebec   Near Lost River and Lakeview
89SW Annual International Video Astronomy Star Party
Ontario   A star party in Johnstown.
90S Adirondack Public Observatory
New York   Observatory near Tupper Lake.
92SE Au Sable Forks Observatory
New York   A private observatory in Au Sable Forks.
93E Orchard Hill Observatory
Vermont   A private observatory near South Alburg.
93NE Pedro-Observatory
94N Ste-Anne-des-Lacs
94N Morin-Heights
94NW Photon's End Observatory
Ontario   A private observatory in Orleans. Ni!
Quebec   L'Observatoire Astronomique de Mayo. Une observatoire privé.
95NE Observatoire de Sainte-Sophie
Quebec   Un observatoire privé. Lien.
96SW Tooley Pond
New York   In Adirondack State park.
96W Limerick Forest Pit
Ontario   A public parking lot located in Limerick Forest which is managed by the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville.
97E St-Jean-Sur_Richelieu
97NE Observatoire de l'Agence Spatiale Canadienne
Quebec   Observatoire du ASC - CSA à Saint-Hubert.
98N Radar de Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard
99SE Just a Camp Observatory
Vermont   A private observatory near Keeler Bay.

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