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0 Hope Slide
British Columbia   A land slide 18 km east of Hope.
15NW Hope
British Columbia  
29SW Chilliwack Lake
British Columbia   Used by some members of the Fraser Valley Astronomers Society.
37W Agassiz
British Columbia  
45SE Manning Provincial Park
British Columbia   This chart is centered on the Look Out at Manning Park.
53W Chilliwack
British Columbia  
57E Princeton
British Columbia  
58NE Knudson Forestry Service Road
British Columbia   A clearing in a logging road at 8km from hwy 5A. Used by a few members of the Fraser Valley Astronomers Society.
61SW Artist Point
Washington   At the end of Hwy 542 near Mt Baker Ski Area in North Cascades National Park. Used by the Whatcom Association of Celestial Observers.
68W McDonald Park
British Columbia   Abbotsford city park and dark sky preserve. Used by members of the Fraser Valley Astronomers Society and the Merritt Astronomical Society. Near Abbotsford.
75NE Twocan
British Columbia   A private observing site. 'Twocan' does not refer to a geographical place.
81W Abbotsford
British Columbia   Home of a dark-sky preserve which is the main observing site of the Fraser Valley Astronomers Society. Forecast also covers Mission.
83W Wren Park
British Columbia   A private observatory
84NE Loon Lake Road Observing Site
British Columbia   Used by members of the Merritt Astronomical Society, Fraser Valley Astronomers Society, and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (West Coast Chapters). Near Merritt.
92S Sauk Mountain Overlook
Washington   Overlook near Sauk Mountain Trail.
94W Aldergrove Lake Regional Park
British Columbia   Park near Aldergove. Site of Persied meteor show events organized by the Great Vancouver Regional District.
95W UBC Forest Site
British Columbia   A site by the RASC Vancouver Centre.
95W UBC Liquid-Mirror Observatory
British Columbia   Observatory of the University of British Columbia. In the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest.
96N Merritt
British Columbia   A site used by Fraser Valley Astronomers Society and the RASC Vancouver centre. Also, home of the Merritt Astronomical Society who hold the Spring Star Quest and Fall Star Quest nearby.
100W Rannie Road
British Columbia   A spot along Rannie Road in Port Coquitlam.

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