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0 Anacortes
Washington   A town in Skagit county.
14SE Mount Vernon
15S Oak Harbor
18N Bellingham
Washington   Home of the Whatcom Association of Celestial Observers.
19W Friday Harbor
Washington   On San Juan Island.
20SE Stargazer Observatory
Washington   Future site of a private observatory on Camano Island.
28NW East Point -- Saturna Island
British Columbia  
28S Port Townsend
29SE Lake Goodwin
Washington   Town and lake in Snohomish county.
30S Tinyblue Observatory
Washington   A private observatory near Greenbank on Whidbey Island.
31N Broch nam Broc Observatory
Washington   A private observatory.
33W McMicking Point
British Columbia  
34W Victoria
British Columbia   Home of the RASC Victoria Centre and Victoria Climenhaga Observatory.
35N Aldergrove Lake Regional Park
British Columbia   Park near Aldergove. Site of Persied meteor show events organized by the Great Vancouver Regional District.
35N Campbell Valley Regional Park
British Columbia   park used by some members of the RASC Vancouver Centre.
35SE Marysville Observatory
Washington   A private observatory near Marysville.
36N White Rock
British Columbia  
37SW Sequim
37W Dominion Astrophysical Observatory
British Columbia   Observatory near Victoria.
37W Esquimalt
British Columbia  
40N Abbotsford
British Columbia   Home of a dark-sky preserve which is the main observing site of the Fraser Valley Astronomers Society. Forecast also covers Mission.
41N Langley
British Columbia  
41S Skunk Bay
Washington   Near Hansville.
41SE Everett
Washington   Home of the Everett Astronomical Society.
41W Sid's Scoop
British Columbia   A private observatory near Victoria.
42N Surrey
British Columbia  
42NW Boundary Bay
British Columbia   A site used by the RASC Vancouver Centre.
44W Malahat
British Columbia  
45NE McDonald Park
British Columbia   Abbotsford city park and dark sky preserve. Used by members of the Fraser Valley Astronomers Society and the Merritt Astronomical Society. Near Abbotsford.
45W Newton/Godin Observatory
British Columbia   Observatory at Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific. Also used by members of the RASC Victoria Centre.
46E Sauk Mountain Overlook
Washington   Overlook near Sauk Mountain Trail.
46S OAS Port Gamble Site
Washington   An observing site of the Olympic Astronomical Society.
47N Wren Park
British Columbia   A private observatory
47SW Thorn Garden Observatory
Washington   A private observatory near Port Angeles.
48N Richmond
British Columbia  
48NE Artist Point
Washington   At the end of Hwy 542 near Mt Baker Ski Area in North Cascades National Park. Used by the Whatcom Association of Celestial Observers.
48SE Everett Astro SP
Washington   Site of star parties held by the Everett Astronomical Society.
48W Shawnigan Lake School Observatory
British Columbia   Observatory of Shawnigan Lake School in the town of Shawinigan Lake, BC.
49N Pitt Meadows
British Columbia  
49NW Salt Spring Island
British Columbia  
50S Lynnwood
Washington   A town in Snohomish county.
51S Poulsbo Deep Space Observatory
Washington   A private obesrvatory somewhere around Poulsbo.
52N Port Coquitlam
British Columbia  
53N Burnaby
British Columbia  
53SW Observatory Point
Washington   A point near Striped Peak and Freshwater Bay, on the Strait of Juan De Fuca.
53W Duncan
British Columbia  
54N UBC Forest Site
British Columbia   A site by the RASC Vancouver Centre.
54N UBC Liquid-Mirror Observatory
British Columbia   Observatory of the University of British Columbia. In the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest.
54NE Chilliwack
British Columbia  
55N Trottier Observatory
British Columbia   Observatory of Simon Fraser University in Burnaby.
55S Bothell
56E Suiattle Valley
Washington   Two observing sites in the Suiattle Valley. A few miles north east of Mansford.
56NW Vancouver
British Columbia   Home of the RASC Vancouver Centre and the Gordon Southam Observatory of the H.R. Macmillan Space Center.
56SW Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center
Washington   Visitor center in Olympic National Park.
56W Otter Point
British Columbia   Near Sooke.
57N Rannie Road
British Columbia   A spot along Rannie Road in Port Coquitlam.
57SE Blue Mountain
Washington   An observing site used by the Seattle Astronomical Society. Near Spada Reservoir NE of Sultan.
58NW Gordon MacMillan Southam Observatory
British Columbia   A observatory of the H.R. MacMillan Space Center. In Vancouver.
59S Ritchie Observatory
Washington   An observatory of the Battle Point Astronomical Association. On Bainbridge Island.
60NW University of British Columbia
British Columbia   University in Vancouver. Home to the UBC Astronomy Club
60SE Bear Creek Observatory
Washington   A private observatory in Woodinville. (Not to be confused with nearby Littlebear Observatory.)

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