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0 Le Domaine
Quebec   Un domaine grande ouverte au milieu de la Reserverve Laverendrie.
7SE Reserve Faunique La Verendrye
Quebec   Centered on an airstrip in the reserve. Used by the OAOG.
26NE W. Armitage Memorial Dark Sky Site
Quebec   Not a specific site, but the general area around three camps: Grand Poigan, Rapide de la Gorge and Petit Poigan.
29NW Camping Portage (Laverendrie)
Quebec   Un site dans la Reserverve Laverendrie.
95SE Mont-Laurier
102SE Edja Lake
104S Observatoire du Lac du Moulin
Quebec   An observatory 100km north of Ottawa. Brrrrr!
105E Observatoire de Lac Creux
Quebec   Près de Chute-St-Philippe.
122S Lac Heney
127SW Deep River
Ontario   Home of the Deep River Astronomy Club.
136SE Lac Nominingue
137S Lac Georges
137S Otter Lake
Quebec   A site used by the OAOG.
137SE L'acceuil du Petit Lac
Quebec   Emplacement de camper d'astronomie organisé par le SAPM.
137SW Driftwood Provincial Park
Ontario   Provincial Park near Stonecliff, west of Deep River.
139SW Petawawa Terrace Provincial Nature Reserve
Ontario   A nature preserve near Petawawa.
141S Lookout Point
Ontario   A lookout on Lookout Road, in Westmeath.
142S Pembroke
145NW Observatoire Obaska
Quebec   Près de Lac Tiblemont.
145SE Observatoire de Val-Des-Bois
147SE Lac Echo
Quebec   Activité annuelle de camping astronomique du RAAOQ à la Réserve Faunique Papineau-Labelle.
149SE Lac Gagnon
152NW Val-d'Or
152S Zion Camp
Ontario   A site used by the OAOG. In Forester's Falls, about 10km from Cobden.
153S Zomerlust
Quebec   Un site d'observation privé.
159SE Observatoire de Labelle Etoile
Quebec   Une observatoire privé. Près de Labelle.
160SW Achray Campground
Ontario   Campground in the northeast part of Algonquin Park.
161S Pit Road
Ontario   A spot along Pit road (aka Mcguinty Rd) used by some Ottawa area observers. Near Osceola.
162S Wakefield
166S Observatoire Isis
Quebec   Près de Val des Monts.
167E Lac Chantier
168SW Algonquin Radio Observatory
Ontario   Radio Observatory located in Algonquin Provincial Park.
170S Quyon
172S Camp Woolsey
Ontario   A Girl Guides camp.
172S Luskville Falls
Quebec   The Luskville Falls entrance to Gatineau Park. Site of public star parties held by
172SW Bonnechere Provincial Park
Ontario   Provincial park on Round lake. (Note: Nearby Bonnechere airstrip is nolonger accessable for observing.)
173S Observatoires de Cantley
175S Tranquillitatis Observatory
Ontario   A private observatory near Buckham's Bay.
176S Champlain Belvedere
Quebec   Belvédère Champlain du parc de la Gatineau. (AKA Champlain Lookout.) Site d'observation du groupe « Les astronomes du parc de la Gatineau ».
176SE Sommet du Mont Tremblant
Quebec   Tremblant sous les étoiles>.
178SE Domaine Saint-Bernard
Quebec   Site d'observation de la Société d'Astronomie de Planétarium de Montréal(SAPM).
178SE Ferme Alarie
Quebec   Une ferme privée. Près de Brébeuf.
181S Boreal Skies Observatory
Quebec   A private observatory.
Quebec   L'Observatoire Astronomique de Mayo. Une observatoire privé.
181SE Univerciel
Quebec   Un observatoire privé.
182S Bootland Farm
Ontario   A site use by the OAOG
183S Pinhey's Point
Ontario   A park.
183SW Mattawa
188S Coyote Observatory
Ontario   A private observatory near White Lake.
188S Foymount
Ontario   A site used by the OAOG.
188SE Observatoire de Mirabilis
Quebec   Un observatoire près du Mont Tremblant.
189NW Observatoire Maucar de La Motte
189S Apple Orchard Observatory
Ontario   A private observing site
189S Observatoire de Gatineau
Quebec   L’horloge climatique de Observatoire de Gatineau (the home of The Gatineau Observatory.)
189S Starflower Observatory
Ontario   A private observatory near Carp.
189SE Arundel
190SE Thurso
191S Carp Library / Diefenbunker
Ontario   Library and cold-war museum used for public star parties by the Ottawa RASC.
191S Ottawa
Ontario   Home of the Ottawa RASC, the Ottawa Valley Astronomy and Observers Group, and the Ottawa Astronomy FriendS.
192S Barred Owl Observatory
Ontario   A private observatory near Carp.
192SE Photon's End Observatory
Ontario   A private observatory in Orleans. Ni!
193S Denholm Observatory
Ontario   A private observatory.
193S SmartScope
Ontario   An robotic observatory of the RASC Ottawa Center. Near Shirley's Bay.
193SE Observatoire d'Astronomie Berrada
Quebec   Un observatoire privé. Près de Val-des-Lacs
193SW Barry's Bay
196S Kennelly's Mountain
Ontario   Near Calabogie.
197S Inukshuk Observatory
Ontario   A private observatory in Ottawa.
197SE Lac de la Montagne noire
197SE South Nation Space Station
Ontario   A private observatory near Jessups falls.
198S Earwig Haven Observatory
Ontario   A private observatory in Kanata.
198S Hillier Observatory
Ontario   A private observatory in Kanata.
198S Quadeville Road
Ontario   A spot along Quadeville road near Wolfe.
198S Sunset Bay
Ontario   A private observatory on the SW end of White Lake, occaisonally used by some members of OAFs.
198SE Treadwell Observatory
199S Fred Lossing Observatory
Ontario   Ottawa RASC's observatory near Almonte. Located on a back lot of the Mill of Kintail which is also the site of star parties held by the Ottawa Astronomy Friends.
199SE Lake MacDonald
Quebec   Near Lost River and Lakeview
200S Teeples Hill
Ontario   Private property on Teeple Haley Road. Permission required.

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