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< 15 Cheddar Ranch Observatory
Oklahoma   Observatory of the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club.
< 15 American Horse Lake
Oklahoma   A dark site in American Horse Lake State State Hunting and Fishing Area.
20SW Weatherford
40N Glass Mountains
Oklahoma   Mountains with hiking trails.
47SW Burns Flat
56NE Enid
57NE Marshall
Oklahoma   A town in Logan county.
59E Liberty Lake
Oklahoma   A park and lake near Guthrie.
60E Oklahoma Christian University Observatory
Oklahoma   Observatory of Oklahoma Christian Univeristy.
60E Oklahoma City
Oklahoma   Home of the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club.
67W Washita Battlefield
Oklahoma   A National Historic Site near Cheyenne.
72SE University of Oklahoma Observatory
Oklahoma   Observatory of the Homer L. Dodge Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Oklahoma. Site of outreach star parties held by the Lunar Sooners astronomy club.
72W Black Kettle National Grasslands
Oklahoma   Forecast covers most .
73SE JAOWAT Observatory
Oklahoma   Future private observatory site.
74E Deerfield West Observatory
Oklahoma   A private observatory.
75S Great Plains State Park
Oklahoma   State park Kiowa County.
77NW SLL Observatory
Oklahoma   An educational Observatory with public programs. Of the University of Central Oklahoma and Northwestern Oklahoma State University (NWOSU).
79NW Fort Supply Reservoir
Oklahoma   An observing site of the Starcreek Astronomical Society. Near Fort Supply.
80S Lawton
83SE Red Rock Farm
Oklahoma   Tim Vasquez's observing site near Norman, Oklahoma; visitor-friendly.
85E Stillwater
Oklahoma   Not far from Oklahoma State University's H. S. Mendenhall Observatory.
92SE Ten Acre Observatory
Oklahoma   A public observatory. Also the primary observing site of the Odyssey Astronomy CLub.
92SE Fuqua Lake
Oklahoma   link
93SE Owl Creek Observatory
Oklahoma   A private observatory.
101NW Laverne
102E Passion Works Observatory
Oklahoma   A private observatory. But open to the public by appointment. Call 405 567 7106. Near Praque, OK.
103NE Ponca City
Oklahoma   Home of Rachélle's Lookout, a private observatory.
103SW Lake Hall
Oklahoma   A picnic area on the shore of Lake Hall, Harmon county.
105W Canadian
Texas   A town in Hemphill county.
107NE Argonia Launch Site
Kansas   A model rocket lauch field of the KLOUDBusters. Near Argonia.
114S Waid Observatory (Waurika)
Oklahoma   A private observatory near Waurika
115E Zoliro Observatory
Oklahoma   A private observatory.
117N KS Oil Patch Observatory
Kansas   A private observatory near Spivey.
119S Vernon

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