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0 Balmorhea State Park
Texas   State park near Toyahvale. (432) 375-2370.
24SW McDonald Observatory
Texas   A professional observatory of the University of Texas. Home of the Hobby-Eberly, Harlan J. Smith and Otto Struve telescopes.
25S Davis Mountains State Park
Texas   State park near Fort Davis. (432) 426-3337.
25SW Texas Star Party
Texas   A star party held at Prude Ranch. Yee Ha!.
Near Fort Davis.
26S Indian Lodge
Texas   State park near Fort Davis. (432) 426-3254.
32SW Nine Mile Hill Observatory
Texas   A private observatory also used by the Williamson County Astronomy Club.
33S Mano Prieto Observatory
Texas   A private observatory near Ft. Davis.
42S Sierra la Rana
Texas   Ranch and dark-sky real estate development near Alpine.
46S Marfa
Texas   Town close to where even astronomers try to see the Marfa Lights, an unexplained, but probably not astronomical, visual phenomonon.
47S Double Diamond Ranch
Texas   Site of four private observatories. Near Alpine.
47S 3 Mile Observatory
Texas   A private observatory near Marfa.
54E Fort Stockton
Texas   A town in Pecos county.
60SE Marathon
60SE Marathon Remote Imaging Observatory
Texas   AKA MaRIO. A private observatory near Marathon.
62W Van Horn
75NE Monahans Sandhills State Park
Texas   State park near Monahans. (432) 943-2092.
80S Miller Observatory
Texas   Site of future private observatory.
80S Halfmoon Campground
Montana   Campground in Gallatin National Forest
82SW Cibolo Creek Ranch
Texas   A guest ranch near Shafter.
86NW Estrella Escondido
Texas   Near the south east edge of Guadalupe Mountains National Park.
90NW Rattle Snake Springs
New Mexico   A public site near Rattle Snakes Springs Ranger Station, part of Carlsbad Caverns National Park.
93NW Carlsbad Caverns Visitor Center
New Mexico   In Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Site of monthly and nightly astronomy programs.
94W Sierra Blanca
96S Persimmon Gap
Texas   This chart is centered on a picnic area 1/4-mile south of the Persimmon Gap entrance to Big Bend National Park.
102S Fort Leaton State Historic Site
Texas   State park near Presidio. (432) 229-3613.
105S Observatorio De Solitario
Texas   A private observatory.
106S Big Bend Ranch State Park
Texas   State park near Presidio. (432) 358-4444.
108N Living Desert State Park
New Mexico   AKA Living Desert Zoo & Gardens State Park In Carlsbad.
108NW Dell City
Texas   A town in Hudspeth county.
115NW The Williams' Ranch
Texas   A site used by the Sun City Astronomy. Near Comudas.
116NE Pumpjack Heaven
Texas   A private observing site of the West Texas Astronomers.
116NE Odessa/Midland
Texas   (Airport) Home of the West Texas Astronomers.
116S Lajitas
Texas   A town in Brewster county.
116S Barton Warnock Visitor Center
Texas   State park near Terlingua. (432) 424-3327.

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