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0 Clarks Pass
California   A a spot along highway 62.
23W Twentynine Palms Airport
California   An airport near Twentynine Palms.
26S Desert Center
California   A spot on Hwy 177 North of Interstate 10. On the west side of Palen Pass.
27SW Cottonwood Spring Campground
California   A campground at Joshua Tree National Park.
28W The Sky's The Limit Observatory and Nature Center
California   Observatory and nature center in Twentynine Palms.
30W Jumbo Rocks
California   A campground in Joshua Tree National Park.
36N Amboy Crater
California   Centered on the parking lot of Amboy Crater, a public nature site near the town of Amboy.
36N Trilobite Wilderness
California   A Wilderness Area of geological interest. It's also a dark observing spot.
41W Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater
California   Used by the Southern California Desert Video Astronomers. Located at Joshua Tree Lake RV & Campground.
44SW Rustic Valley Observator
California   A private observatory.
44W Copper Mountain Observatory
California   Near the town of Joshua Tree which is near the north east corner of Joshua Tree National Park.
California   The Granite Mountain Desert Research Center. Lands are not open to the general public. Visitors must make reservations.
49S Salton Sea State Recreation Area
California   State park used by some members of the Pomona Valley Amateur Astronomers
50W Goat Mountain Astronomical Research Station
California   aka GMARS. MPC observatory G79.
50W Landers
California   Dark-sky site for the Riverside Astronomical Society.
50W Star Camp Observatory
California   A private observatory.
50W Yucca Valley
California   Home of the Andromeda Society.
51W Thousand Palms
California   Star Party Site for the Astronomical Society of the Desert.
54W Desert Hot Springs
California   A town in Riverside county and site of star parties at the Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa.
55SW Rancho Mirage Library and Observatory
California   AKA The City of Rancho Mirage Public Library and Observatory.
57W Pioneertown Mountains Preserve
California   Wildlife preserve used by the San Bernardino Valley Amateur Astronomers.

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