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0 Mahoney State Park
Nebraska   State park and home of public star parties held by the Omaha Astronomical Society.
12NW Behlen Observatory
Nebraska   An observatory of the University of Nebraska with public viewings.
14N RezSon Observatory
Nebraska   A private observatory between Wahoo and Omaha.
14SE Weeping Water
Nebraska   A town in Cass county. Members of the Omaha Astronomical Society observe nearby.
16E B&W Observatory
Nebraska   A private observatory between Louisville and Plattsmouth
16NE Koppany observing Site
Nebraska   A private observing site somewhere around Omaha.
24SW Lincoln
Nebraska   Home of the UNL student observatory, the Prairie Astronomy Club and Hyde Memorial Observatory.
26NE Omaha
Nebraska   Home of the Omaha Astronomical Society.
28W Branched Oak Observatory
Nebraska   A public observatory near Branched Oak State Recreation Area.
30N Fremont(NE)
Nebraska   A town in Dodge county.
30W Walnut Hill Observatory
34SE Nebraska City
39E Treynor
41E Gipe Farm
Iowa   A private farmstead used, with permission, by some members of the Omaha Astronomical Society . South of Malvern.
43SW Boswell Observatory
Nebraska   Observatory of Doane University in Crete.
43SW PAC Observatory
Nebraska   A private observatory of the Prairie Astronomy Club.
46S Tecumseh
46SE Glenrock
48W Tamora
49SE Auburn City Recreation Complex
Nebraska   Rec complex in Auburn, NE.
51N Summit Lake State Recreation Area
Nebraska   Recreation area near Tekmah, NE.
52S CONE Observation Field
Nebraska   A private observing site.
56S Beatrice High School
Nebraska   School in Beatrice.
58W Cordova
59SE S Kansas St
61N Oakland/Lyons Observatory
Nebraska   A private observatory near Oakland and Lyons.
65W Osceola
73NW Loup Canal
Nebraska   A spot on the maintenance road along Loup canal owned by the Loup Canal Power District. Forecast also covers Platte Center to Monroe.
75SW City Park, Geneva
Nebraska   Park in Geneva.
76SW Fairbury
83S Seneca City Park
Kansas   Park in Seneca.
85NE Denison
85NE River's Astronomy Pad
Iowa   A private farm near Manning.
89SW Hebron
89W Streeter Park
Nebraska   City park in Aurora.
90NW Norfolk(NE)
Nebraska   A town in Madison county.
91SE Hiawatha High School
Kansas   School in Hiawatha.
92E Lenox
Iowa   A town in Taylor county.
92NW Fred G. Dale Planetarium
Nebraska   Planetarium of Wayne State College in Wayne, NE.
92SE Bearcat Observatory
Missouri   Observatory of Northwest Missouri State University. Near Maryville.
95NE Grundmeier
Iowa   A private observing site.
97W Prairie Golf Association
Nebraska   A site used by the Platte Valley Astronomical Observers. Near Chapman, about 6 miles east of Grand Island.
102N Sioux City
Iowa   In Woodbury county.
103NE Whiterock Resort
Iowa   AKA Whiterock Conservancy. Near Coon Rapids. Site of the Iowa Star Party.
103W Grand Island KOA Journey
Nebraska   Campground near Grand Island, NE.
106W Grand Island
Nebraska   A private observatory in Hall county.
108SE Savannah
111S Elk Creek Observatory
Kansas   A school observatory in Holton.
111S Randolph State Park
Kansas   State park near Manhattan, KS.
112S Banner Creek Observatory
Kansas   Observatory of Banner Creek Science Center.
113W Clyde Sachtleben Observatory
Nebraska   Observatory of Hastings College. Used for students and public viewing. Also used by members of the Platte Valley Astronomical Observers.
113W Hastings
115W Nebraska Nature and Visitor Center
Nebraska   near exit 305 on I-80.
117SE Bush Observatory
Missouri   A private observatory near Albany.
118SW Hansen Observatory
Nebraska   A private observatory.
119NW Plainview
119SE Atchison
119SE Missouri Western State University
Missouri   University in St Joseph.
120SE The Backyard Country Observatory
Missouri   A private observatory.

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