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0 Brodhead
Kentucky   Forecast also covers crab orchard and Mount Vernon.
11SW Goochtown
Kentucky   In Pulaski county.
17NE Berea
23N EKU Observatory
Kentucky   Observatory of Eastern Kentucky University. In Richmond.
23S Mount Chestnut Oak Observing Site
Kentucky   A private observing site somewhere around Goodwater.
33N Raven Run Nature Conservancy
Kentucky   Site used by the Bluegrass Amateur Astronomy Club for star parties. In Lexington.
41N Lexington
Kentucky   Home of the MacAdam Student Observatory of the University of Kentucky.
46NW Astraeus Observatory
Kentucky   A private observatory somewhere around Lawrenceburg.
49NE Tunnel Ridge Road
Kentucky   A roadside spot located in Natural Bridge State Resort Park
56NW Goodnight Ridge
59SE Pine Mountain State Resort Park
Kentucky   State Park near Pineville.
60N Sigoglin Hills Observatory
Kentucky   A private observatory near Paris, KY.
61NW Frankfort
61S Kentucky Cutoff Overlook
Tennessee   Forecast also covers Pickett State Park.
63S Oneida
64N Millersburg
68E Hazard
69NE Adams Observing Site
Kentucky   A private observing site.
72SE Harlan
75NW Wild Duck Observatory
Kentucky   A private observatory near Shelbyville.
76NE Morehead State University
Kentucky   University in Morehead.
77NW Camp Crooked Creek
Kentucky   A boy scout camp used as an observing site by the Louisville Astronomical Society. Near Bernhiem Forest.
79S Norris Lake
Tennessee   Forecast also covers Norris Dam State park, Anderson County Park, Big Ridge State Park, and Campbell County Park.
83W Freeman Lake Observatory
Kentucky   A private observatory near Elizabethtown.
84N Blackhole Observatory
Kentucky   A private observatory in Mason.
86SW Cumberland Plateau Observatory
Tennessee   Near Livingston.
87N CAS Starfield Observatory Dark Site
Kentucky   A private observing site of the Cincinnati Astronomical Society.
89NW Moore Observatory
Kentucky   Observatory of the University of Louisville. In Brownsboro.
89W White Mills Observatory
Kentucky   A private observatory somewhere around White Mills.
90S The Looking Glass Observatory
Tennessee   A private observatory in Lancing.
91N Lexington Trails
Kentucky   A private observing site near Dry Ridge. Forecast also covers Williamstown and Crittenden.,
92E East Kentucky Science Center
Kentucky   Science Center and Planetarium in Prestonsburg.
92S Lilly Bluff Overlook
Tennessee   An overlook. In Obed Wild & Senic River National Park. Home of night sky programs.
94NE Grayson Lake State Park
Kentucky   Center on the Bruin Boat Ramp parking Lot, this chart covers all Grayson Lake State Park.
94NW Louisville
Kentucky   Home of the Louisville Astronomical Society.
94W Mammoth Cave National Park
Kentucky   National park.
97NW Otter Creek Observatory
Kentucky   Observatory of Otter Creek Park and Jefferson Community College. Near Brandenburg.
97S Oak Ridge
98NE Carter
Kentucky   Carter Caves State Park. A site used by the OVAS.
99W Bear Observatory
Kentucky   In Clarkson.
102SE Jefferson City
Tennessee   A town in Jefferson county.
103N Skunk Ridge Observatory
Indiana   A private observatory near Vevay. Note this chart uses DST.
103N A. J. Jolly Park
Kentucky   Park in Campbell County.
103S Knoxville
Tennessee   Home of the Smoky Mountain Astronomical Society (SMAS).
104NE Rome
104NW Corydon Ridge Observatory
Indiana   A private observatory.
104SW Millard Oakley STEM Center
Tennessee   Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Center at Tennessee Tech University (TTU).
105SE Natural Tunnel State Park
Virginia   State park in Scott county, near Duffield.
106NW Starlight Observatory
Indiana   A private observatory near the town of Starlight.
108N Lincoln Ridge Park
Kentucky   Park in Kenton county. Formerly known as Banklick Woods Park. Site of Star Gazes (public star parties) with the Midwestern Astronomers.
108NW Hanover College
Indiana   A college in Culbertson.
108SE Surgoinsville
109S Tamke-Allan Observatory
Tennessee   Observatory,near Rockwood, of Roane State Community College.
111E Caney Ridge Observatory
Virginia   Near Clintwood.
112NE Blue Creek
113NE Joseph Dale Perry Memorial Observatory
West Virginia   A private observatory near Fort Gay.
114N England/Idlewild Park
Kentucky   Park in Burlington, KY. Site of public star parties held by volunteers from the Cincinnati Observatory Center (COC).
115W Bell Observatory
Kentucky   An Observatory of Western Kentucky University. Near Bowling Green.
116N Hebron
116N Batavia
Ohio   Home of Clermont College. In Clermont County.
116S Maryville
117NE Cincinnati Astronomical Society Dark Sky Site
Ohio   A dark-sky site of the Cincinnati Astronomical Society. Near Peebles.
117SE Bays Mountain Park
Tennessee   City park with astronomy programs. Site of the Bays Mountain Observatory, and home of the Bays Mountain Astronomy Club. Near Kingsport.
117SW Shepherds' Valley Observatory
118N AIG public observatory
118SW Sparta
119SW Woodland Park Elementary School
Tennessee   School in Sparta.
119SW Center Hill Lake
120N Cincinnati Observatory Center
Ohio   A public observatory in Cincinnati.
120NE Burg Observatory
Ohio   A private observatory in Wheelersburg.

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