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0 Tall Timbers
Maryland   A town in St. Mary's county.
11NE Solomons Island
13SE Point Lookout State Park
Maryland   State park where Chesapeak Bay and the Potomac join.
24SE River House Observatory
Virginia   Near Burgess.
25SE Ophelia Observatory
Virginia   A private observatory
27S Bell Isle State Park
Virginia   State park.
30NW The Hughesville Sky-view Observatory
Maryland   A private observatory near Waldorf.
30NW King George Observatory
Virginia   A private observatory in King George.
33NE Golden Mean Observatory
Maryland   A private observatory.
35E Elliott Island road
Maryland   Centered on the parking lot of a boat launch on Elliot Island road.
36N Chesapeake Beach Veterans Memorial Park
Maryland   City park in Chesapeake Beach.
36SW Millers Tavern
Virginia   Along Rt 360 west between Tappahannock and Aylett.
37NW Nanjemoy Creek Observatory
Maryland   An observatory of the Southern Maryland Astronomical Society.
43S Schumann Observatory
Virginia   A private observatory in Middlesex County. Also used by the Virginia Peninsula Astronomy / Stargazers.
44NW Bunny Foo-Foo Observatory
Maryland   A private observatory in Fort Washington.
46NW Fort Washington Park
Maryland   A historic national park in Fort Washington.
48NW Mason Neck State Park
Virginia   State park used as an observing site by the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club.
48W Summit Crossing Observatory
Virginia   A private observatory near Spotsylvania.
51NW Old Town Observatory
Virginia   A private observatory of a member of the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club.
51NW Beacon Field Observatory
Virginia   A private observatory, associated with the Friends of Beacon Field Airport. Located near Beacon Field Airport, a former airport, now a shopping mall.
51S Ware Academy
Virginia   An independant elementary school in Gloucester, VA. Ask permission before observing on site.
51SE Cashville
52S Mobjack Bay
Virginia   A bay in Blackwater Creek.
53E Salisbury
53NW Stafford
53S York River State Park
Virginia   A State park used as a dark sky site by the Virginia Peninsula Astronomy/Stargazers.
53S Skywatchers Dark Sky Site
Virginia   An observing site of the Skywatchers Astronomy Club. Between Williamsburg and Richmond.
56N United States Naval Academy
Maryland   Link.. In Annapolis.
56N Bowie
56NW Smithsonian NASM Public Observatory
DC   AKA Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Public Observatory. In Washington.
57NW Washington
DC   Nearby to some members of the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club.
58S Land's End
Virginia   Observing site of the Back Bay Amateur Astronomers. Near Glouster.
58SW Keeble Observatory
Virginia   Observatory of Randolph-Macon College in Ashland.
DC   The U.S. Naval Observatory.
60S Charles City observatory
Virginia   A private observatory.

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