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0 Anderson Mesa Station
Arizona   An observatory site of Lowell Observatory. IAU 688. Also site of the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer. Near Flagstaff.
10NW Flagstaff
Arizona   Home of the Lowell Observatory and NURO. Also home of the Coconino Astronomical Society, the Flagstaff Astronomy Club and the Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition.
13NW USNO Flagstaff Station
Arizona   A U.S. Naval Observatory also known as NOFS. Near Flagstaff.
20NE STAR School
Arizona   A charter elementary school.
20S Stoneman Lake
Arizona   A site used by the Sedona Astronomy Club. In Coconino National Forest.
20SE Astronomical Adventures
Arizona   A guest observatory. About 35 miles southeast of Flagstaff.
20SW Sedona
Arizona   Home of the Sirius Lookers, the Sedona Astronomy Club.
25S Discovery Channel Telescope
Arizona   Telescope near Happy Jack.
26NW A Shooting Star Observatory
Arizona   Observatory of A Shooting Star Inn. In Kendrick Park.
31S Bruce Brockett Trailhead
Arizona   Parking lot of the trailhead of the Bruce Brockett TrailUsed by the Astronomers of Verde Valley.
31S Beaver Creek Observing Site
Arizona   A private observing site.
36SE Jack Observing site
Arizona   A private observing site somewhere around Happy Jack.
37SW Cottonwood
Arizona   Home of the Astronomers of Verde Valley.
38NW CAS Remote Observing Site
Arizona   A private observing site of the Coconino Astronomical Society.
39W Malpas Observatory West
Arizona   A private observatory in Williams.
44SW Mingus Mountain Summit
Arizona   Also the location of the Woodchute Trailhead. Used by the Sirius Lookers, an astronomy Club in Sedona.
49S Smokedaddy(s) Observatory
Arizona   A private observatory near Pine.
51SW Cherry Road
Arizona   An observing site of the Saguaro Astronomy Club..
52E Homolovi Ruins State
Arizona   State park near Winslow.
55NW Annbar Canyon
Arizona   Home of Dorrit Hoffleit Observatory.
55W Grand View Observatory
Arizona   A private observatory near Ash Fork.
58SW Blue Hills Observatory
Arizona   A private observatory.

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