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0 Glenn Canyon's Wahweap district
Arizona   Site of public astronomy programs held by the National Park Service Night Sky Program. Forecast covers the portion of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area by Wahweap Bay.
31W Grand Canyon (North Rim)
52W Vermillion Cliffs Observatory
Utah   Observatory near Kanab.
59NW Bryce Canyon National Park
Utah   Bryce Canyon National Park is used by the NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassadors Program, the Salt Lake Astronomical Society, the National Park Service for frequent public star parties and Dark Ranger Telescopes Tours. Also home of the Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival
60S Tuba City
63NW Dark Ranger Observatory
Utah   Observatory of Dark Ranger Telescope Tours.
65N Boulder
66W Zion Gateway to the Stars
Utah   Observatory and planetarium in Orderville.
71SW Grand Canyon Star Party (South Rim)
Arizona   A Star party held in Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim).
72E Monument Valley
Utah   Centered on the small town of Goulding, this chart covers the central 20 miles of Monument Valley area.
75NW Strawberry Point Observatory
Utah   An observatory near Cedar City.
83W Zion Lodge
Utah   A hotel in Zion National Park. Near Springdale. Used by members of the Astronomical Group of Las Vegas.
85N Aquarius Ranger Station
Utah   A near Loa.
86NW Cedar Breaks National Monument
Utah   National park and site of Star Parties held at Point Supreme.
92N Capitol Reef National Park
Utah   National Park and IDA designated Dark Sky Park.
92N Observa-Torrey
Utah   A private observatory near Capitol Reef park and the town of Torrey.
95NE Natural Bridges National Monument
Utah   National monument which has been declared an International Dark-Sky Park.
99NW Cedar City
Utah   Home of Ashcroft Observatory of Southern Utah University.
103SW Annbar Canyon
Arizona   Home of Dorrit Hoffleit Observatory.
104W Leeds
108S A Shooting Star Observatory
Arizona   Observatory of A Shooting Star Inn. In Kendrick Park.
112E Dine Sky Observatory
Arizona   Observatory of Many Farms High School. Near the town of Many Farms.
115W Saint George
Utah   A town in Washington county.
116S STAR School
Arizona   A charter elementary school.
117N Goblin Valley State Park
Utah   State Park near Capitol Reef.
118NE Saleratus Ranch
Utah   A private observatory SW of the Abajo Mountains.
119S CAS Remote Observing Site
Arizona   A private observing site of the Coconino Astronomical Society.
119W Black Rock
Arizona   Used as a star party site by the Southern Utah Astronomical Society. Note: this chart is on Utah Time (uses DST).
120W Red Mountain Observatory
Utah   A private observatory.

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