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0 Pembroke
12NW Petawawa Terrace Provincial Nature Reserve
Ontario   A nature preserve near Petawawa.
20E Lookout Point
Ontario   A lookout on Lookout Road, in Westmeath.
26SE Pit Road
Ontario   A spot along Pit road (aka Mcguinty Rd) used by some Ottawa area observers. Near Osceola.
30SE Zion Camp
Ontario   A site used by the OAOG. In Forester's Falls, about 10km from Cobden.
39SW Bonnechere Provincial Park
Ontario   Provincial park on Round lake. (Note: Nearby Bonnechere airstrip is nolonger accessable for observing.)
43NW Deep River
Ontario   Home of the Deep River Astronomy Club.
46S Foymount
Ontario   A site used by the OAOG.
50W Achray Campground
Ontario   Campground in the northeast part of Algonquin Park.
55S Quadeville Road
Ontario   A spot along Quadeville road near Wolfe.
57SW Barry's Bay
58E Otter Lake
Quebec   A site used by the OAOG.
60S Teeples Hill
Ontario   Private property on Teeple Haley Road. Permission required.
61S Kennelly's Mountain
Ontario   Near Calabogie.
68SE Bootland Farm
Ontario   A site use by the OAOG
70NW Driftwood Provincial Park
Ontario   Provincial Park near Stonecliff, west of Deep River.
72E Lac Georges
73SE Coyote Observatory
Ontario   A private observatory near White Lake.
75SE Sunset Bay
Ontario   A private observatory on the SW end of White Lake, occaisonally used by some members of OAFs.
75SE Apple Orchard Observatory
Ontario   A private observing site
75W Algonquin Radio Observatory
Ontario   Radio Observatory located in Algonquin Provincial Park.
76SE Quyon
77NE Observatoire du Lac du Moulin
Quebec   An observatory 100km north of Ottawa. Brrrrr!
83SE Camp Woolsey
Ontario   A Girl Guides camp.
83W McCauley Lake Observatory
Ontario   A private observatory.
84SE K&P at Clyde Forks
Ontario   A spot along Clyde Forks road where it ends at the K&P trail.
87SE Tranquillitatis Observatory
Ontario   A private observatory near Buckham's Bay.
88S Nirvana
Ontario   Where OAFs go when they have earned enough observing karma. AKA Irvine Lake Airstrip. Near Bon Echo Provincial Park
90SE Black Creek Pond
Ontario   A small pond along Black Creek road in Lanark County.
90SW Lake St. Peter Provincial Park
Ontario   Provincial Park near Bancroft.
92SE Fred Lossing Observatory
Ontario   Ottawa RASC's observatory near Almonte. Located on a back lot of the Mill of Kintail which is also the site of star parties held by the Ottawa Astronomy Friends.
93E Luskville Falls
Quebec   The Luskville Falls entrance to Gatineau Park. Site of public star parties held by
94E Wakefield
94E Zomerlust
Quebec   Un site d'observation privé.
94E Lac Heney
94SE Starflower Observatory
Ontario   A private observatory near Carp.
95NE Edja Lake
98SE Middleville
98SE Carp Library / Diefenbunker
Ontario   Library and cold-war museum used for public star parties by the Ottawa RASC.
100E Champlain Belvedere
Quebec   Belvédère Champlain du parc de la Gatineau. (AKA Champlain Lookout.) Site d'observation du groupe « Les astronomes du parc de la Gatineau ».
100SE Pinhey's Point
Ontario   A park.

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