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0 Grand Forks
British Columbia  
39W Rock Creek
British Columbia  
48W KepCo Observatory
British Columbia   A private observatory near Bridesville.
55E Trail
British Columbia  
55W Cabin in the Sky Observatory
British Columbia   A private observatory near Bridesville.
59SE Colville Flats
Washington   A spot on the shore of Franklin Roosevelt Lake near Kettle Falls.
59W Table Mountain Star Party at Eden Valley
Washington   Site of the 2013 Table Mountain Star Party. On private land.
65SE Aladdin Valley
Washington   In the Colville National Forest.
66NE Castlegar
British Columbia  
68W Sehgal Observatory
British Columbia   A private observatory near Osoyoos.
73W Osoyoos
British Columbia  
86S Observe the Heavens Astronomy Camp
Washington   A site of an observing program of The Astronomical League. Near Inchelium
93NW Okanagan Observatory
British Columbia   Public observatory of the RASC Oakangan Centre
93W Mount Kobau Star Party
British Columbia   A star party on Mt. Kobau, about 20km from Osoyoos.
95NW Penticton
British Columbia   Also covers the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory
98NE Nelson
British Columbia  
106S Skywalker Observatory
Washington   A private observatory somewhere around Roosevelt Lake.
107NW Summerland
British Columbia  
108NW Goudie Road
British Columbia   A site used by the RASC Okanagan Centre.
109SW Conconully
119NW Kelowna
British Columbia   Meeting place of the RASC Okanagan Centre.
129NW Peachland
British Columbia   A site used by the RASC Okanagan Centre.
140N Nakusp
British Columbia  
141SW Southwest Corner Mountain
Washington   A private observing site somewhere around Brewster.
141SW Winthrop
142SE Deer Park
143E Creston
British Columbia  
143SW Twisp
Washington   A town in Okanogan county.
147N BX Observatory
British Columbia   A private observatory.
147NW Vernon
British Columbia   Home to some members of the RASC Okanagan Centre.
150W Chechaquo Ranch
Washington   A private ranch near Mazama.
151N Harrington Lodge Silver Star Observatory
British Columbia   On Silver Star Mountain.
155W Princeton
British Columbia  
158S Indian Prairie Observatory
Washington   A private observatory somewhere west of Spokane.
165SE Sandpoint
166NW Knudson Forestry Service Road
British Columbia   A clearing in a logging road at 8km from hwy 5A. Used by a few members of the Fraser Valley Astronomers Society.
167NW Twocan
British Columbia   A private observing site. 'Twocan' does not refer to a geographical place.
167W Manning Provincial Park
British Columbia   This chart is centered on the Look Out at Manning Park.
169SE Spirit Lake
Idaho   A town, and a lake, in Kootenai county.
171SW Blazing Star Observatory
Washington   AKA BSO. Site of future private observatory.
173SE Spokane
Washington   Home of the Spokane Astronomical Society.
175NW Loon Lake Road Observing Site
British Columbia   Used by members of the Merritt Astronomical Society, Fraser Valley Astronomers Society, and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (West Coast Chapters). Near Merritt.
175SW Camp Delany
Washington   A campground in the Sunlakes State Park. Home of the Olympic Astronomical Society (OAS) Camp Delany Star Party.
176SW Chelan
Washington   A town by Chelan by Lake Chelan in Chelan county.
180SE Rathdrum
187SE Northstar Observatory
Idaho   A private observatory near Post Falls.
190NW Quilchena Ranch
British Columbia   Ranch hotel and site of the Spring Merritt Star Quest. A starparty held by the Merritt Astronomical Society
193N Salmon Arm
British Columbia  
196S Fishtrap
Washington   A site used by the Spokane Astronomical Society.
197SE Coeur d'Alene
198SW Rimrock Meadows
Washington   A campground near Waterville and Ephrata.
199E Spruce Ridge Observatory
British Columbia   A private observatory near Cranbrook.

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