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U.S. Naval Observatory
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Solar Eclipse of 2017 Aug. 21

Sun in Partial Eclipse at this Location


August 21, 2017   Universal Time and Local Time (UT1)Delta T: 69.4s
PhenomenonTime (UT1)Sun's Altitude (°)Sun's Azimuth (°)Position Angle (°)Vertex Angle (°)
Eclipse Begins16:18:22.7(UT) 8:18:22.7(Local)11.485.9257.8288.8
Maximum Eclipse17:13:34.9(UT) 9:13:34.9(Local)18.397.9
Eclipse Ends18:12:01.5(UT) 10:12:01.5(Local)25.5111.3128.1156.9

Duration1h 53m 38.8s
< Local times are accurate only if the timezone for the Homer clear sky chart is really UT-8.) UT times are accurate only if the latitude/longitude of the chart for Homer is accurate. Check the road map.>

Forecast History for the Homer clear sky chart for late August

Extracted from the Homer clear sky chart climate/history page.
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Cloud Cover

Color Meanings:
Overcast 90% covered 80% covered 70% covered 60% covered 50% covered 40% covered 30% covered 20% covered 10% covered Clear
AugustOccurrence of each Forecastdata points
16th to endDay


Color Meanings:
Too cloudy to forecast Poor Below Average Average Above average Transparent
AugustOccurrence of each Forecastdata points
16th to endDay

DISCLAIMER: This weather data is based from past forecast records, not from sky observations. So it's possible that it is not an accurate indication of weather for the eclipse. If you miss seeing the eclipse because you took a climate/history page for a clear sky chart, or the weather data on this page, too literally, your only recourse is to complain to me in email. Reminder: by using this website you agree to not sue me for any reason.

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